Mar 10, 2023

Sustainable Tour of Kamaishi、Japan

Kamaishi City fell victim to the tsunami in 2011.

Within the path of its recovery,the people started Sustainable tourism.

This movement which successfully involved the citizens,has gathered attention from all over the world.

The Sustainable Tour in Kamaishi is the time when you are able to meet with the people who live there.

Kamaishi people  want you to hear the thoughts and feelings of the people who live there.
This interaction between you as vistors and the local people will lead to an increased pride.

See,for yourself,
how the people who live in the town with pride continue to protect the nature they love.

We will introduce two patterns of sustainable Kamaishi tours, one for the sea and the other for the forest, where you can feel the thoughts and feelings of such local people.

SDGs Learning Program on Marine Conservation from Microplastics

Fisherman in this town have been hit by tsunamis many time in their history.
‘’Even so,we have chosen to live with the sea ,’’ says a fisher man

Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, suffered tremendous damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck on March 11, 2011. Ten years have passed since the earthquake, and the city is still working on its recovery, resolving issues one by one.

Recently, it has become clear that microplastics are present in the oceans, and there is a need to make efforts to promote cleaning oceans for the future.

In this program, with the cooperation of Iwate University Kamaishi Campus, participants will actually go on fishing boats to collect seawater in the Kamaishi Sea and try to identify microplastics using microscopes. The microplastics identified will then be used to unravel the changes in the marine environment and the causes behind them. We need to use this opportunity to change our daily behavior and promote cleaner oceans.

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②SDGs Learning Program from Forest and Biomass Power Generation in Kamaishi

Kamaishi is surrounded by moutains,and the people that live there have long benefited from this.

Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, suffered tremendous damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011.

Many people involved in the forestry industry lost their livelihoods due to the massive forest fires that followed the disaster. However, without giving up, the people of Kamaishi helped each other and revived the mountains and the forestry industry. Participants will visit the Kamaishi Unosumii Reconstruction Stadium, which utilizes a large amount of Kamaishi lumber, and is a symbol of the people of Kamaishi’s mindset to help each other .

Looking at the forestry industry, there is concern about the large amount of wood left over on the mountains from the logging of trees, such as branches and leaves. The impact affects the fishing industry as well.. In order to reach a more well rounded sustainable society, a wood biomass power generation project is underway at the Kamaishi Steel Works, utilizing wood left over from the forest.

In this program, with the cooperation of the Kamaishi District Forestry Association, which has extensive knowledge of the mountains of Kamaishi, participants will collect branches and leaves at actual logging sites and learn about the woody biomass energy that can be generated from the collected wood. The program also aims to help participants rethink energy consumption in their daily lives and promote change with their usual behavior, in an effort to protect forests and nature.

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